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10" SUV Hover Board



This hoverboard model is equiped with high performance UL certified battery (protected with hard shell) and charger.


*BATTERY NOTICE*- The parts & components used in EZBOARD products are proved from highest safety control standards. The high quality batteries used in the EZBOARD products are made by Samsung with UL certification. Beware of buying poor quality junk that can catch fire.


- Self-balancing: yes

- Suggested Maximum Holding Weight: 250lbs
- Battery: Samsung UL certified
- Charger: UL certified
- Color: Fire, Graffiti, black
- Size: 10" wheels
- Weight: 25lbs
- Power: 2 x 350W motor
- Top speed: 16km/h
- LED lights: front
- Battery indicator: yes
- Bluetooth speaker: yes


- Auto-balance

- Batterie: Samsung certifié UL
- Chargeur: certifié UL
- Couleur: Fire, Graffiti
- Taille: Roue 10"
- Poids: 25lbs
- Puissance: 2 moteurs 350W
- Vitesse maximale: 16km/h
- Lumières LED : oui
- Indicateur de batterie: oui
- Haut parleur Bluetooth: oui