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6.5" LED Bluetooth hover board



This hoverboard model is equipped with a high-performance UL-certified battery (protected with hard shell) and charger.


*BATTERY NOTICE*- The parts & components used in EZBOARD products are proved from the highest safety control standards. The high-quality batteries used in the EZBOARD products are made with UL certification. Beware of buying poor quality junk that can catch fire.


- Battery: 36V 4.0ah UL certified
- Charger: UL certified

- Suggested Maximum Holding Weight: 250lbs
- Size: 6.5' wheels
- Weight: 20lbs
- Power: 500W (2 x 250W) motor
- Top speed: 12km/h
- Max range per charge: 2 hours continuous
- LED lights: front, 2 sides
- Battery indicator: yes
- Bluetooth speaker: yes

- Self-balancing: yes


- Batterie: 36V 4Ah certifié UL
- Chargeur: certifié UL
- Taille: Roue 6.5'
- Poids: 20lbs
- Puissance: 2 moteurs 250W
- Vitesse maximale: 12km/h
- Gamme par charge: 2h
- Lumières LED : avant, 2 côtés
- Indicateur de batterie: oui
- Haut parleur Bluetooth: oui

- Auto-balance: oui