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EZWheel Black November Sale

Welcome to the 2022 Black November Sale @ EZWheel

Shop and Save up to 22% off the original price on almost all our models*. Move on to once-a-year finds for you or your friends & family. See below for details on various offers.

Duration: From November 7, 2022, to November 27, 2022*

i) Price Discounts

EZWheel offers never-seen price discounts, for up to 22% off, on almost all models of electric scooters and bikes.

Here are some of the great discounts:

EZWheel 10 GT Pro, new version 2023, from $1,199 to $999

Navee N65 from $1,099 to $899

InMotion S1F from $1,499 to $1,299

VSETT 9+ from $1,999 to $1,799

Kaabo Mantis King new version 2023 from $3,299 to $3,099

EZWheel Electric Bikes and Tricycle up to $400 discount

And a lot more... Visit us at

ii) FREE 3-Month Extended Warranty

Are you worried about purchasing your scooter in November, and with a 6-month warranty, you are only covered until May 2023?

Don't! We offer a 3-month warranty extension on all basic 6-month warranties. This way, your scooter's warranty will last until August 2023.

After your purchase, please review your scooter on our website. You will automatically qualify for the FREE 3-Month Extended Warranty.

iii) Pre-Order with 4 Interest-Free Installments.

Do you want to benefit from the Black November Sale Price Discount,

But you do NOT want to bust your budget for the holiday season,

And you only need your scooter next spring?

We are here to offer that you pay

1) Roughly 25% of the price during Black November 2022

2) The remainder with three equal installments from December 2022 to March 2023

3) Pick up your scooter at the last installment

This offer applies to all models, including the ones that are out of stock. Conditions apply.

Happy Shopping!


1) Original price is a fair reflection of the market value of the products compared to competition across North America or similar products in terms of quality and specs.

2) The discount % may vary. It is up to a maximum of 22% off of the original price.

3) Almost all models are subject to discounts. However, certain 2023 models are excluded from i) Price Discounts. However, it may still enjoy ii) FREE 3-Month Extended Warranty and iii) Pre-Order with 4 Interest-Free installments.

4) Extended Warranty has the same conditions as a factory-provided base warranty of 6 months. For example, physical damages, water damages, modifications, and other misuses will void the warranty. For more details, please refer to

5) The Extended Warranty is intended to provide assurance for customers purchasing in November but will only use the scooter in April 2023, when the warranty expires soon. Therefore, the Warranty of 9 Months after the extension will still expire at 3,000 KM usage.

6) Certain parts or products already have a factory-provided 12-month warranty. In this case, the FREE 3-Month Extended Warranty does not apply.

7) The initial payment is $150 for EZ Commuter, 250$ for EZ Explorer, $500 for EZ Pro, and $1000 for EZ Supreme. Once the initial payment is made, a Customer Service Representative will get in touch with you to finalize the details of your purchase. If you'd like a currently-unavailable scooter, we can make arrangements when the CSP contacts you.

8) Your installments are 100% guaranteed and can be cancelled and refunded at any time before the scooter or bike acquisition. Once the scooter or bike is picked up after the last installment, the regular return and exchange policies will apply.

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