DUALTRON ultra 2

The New 72 Volt Dualtron Ultra 2 is an 2021 upgraded version of the best off road electric scooter that started it all.  The Dual 40 Amp smart motor controllers are moved to the kick tail allowing fitment of a massive 35Ah, 72 Volt pack with LG MJ1 cells which gives you up to 120 km of range.  The BLDC dual hub motors increase peak power to nearly 6700 watts making this one of the highest performing electric scooters in the world!


Dualtron Ultra 2 has the same 11 inches off-road type tires as the first Ultra. The tires are very wide, high quality, and ready to take on any type of terrain.

Regarding to the design of the scooter, Minimotors kept a very similar design to the first Ultra while adding some comfort and security elements like:

Foldable handle for a more practical storage and transport process of the electric scooter (same handle as the Dualtron Thunder and Storm).
Rear stepping platform, very useful during powerful accelerations. Indeed, you are standing on an electric scooter and should push your body forward during acceleration in order to compensate for the backward thrust (very useful in acceleration phases).
LED lights on the handlebar and under the deck. Being more visible during the night is a huge improvement and a very welcome safety feature of Dualtron power riders.


6,640W Max


72V 35Ah


100 KM/H


120 KM



  • Motor: MAX 6,640 watt BLDC dual hub motor

  • Battery: 72 volt - 35 Ah - 2,520Wh - LG 3500 cells

  • Charge time: 23 hours with standard charger, 11 hours with 2 standard chargers, 5 hours with the quick charger

  • Max range: 120km (mileage may vary depending on rider weight, road conditions, and ambient temperature)

  • Max Speed: Up to 100+ km/h (depending on rider weight, road conditions, state of charge, and ambient temperature)

  • Climbing Grade: 70% or 35 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge

  • Braking System: Front and Rear disk brakes with ABS standard

  • Lighting: Stem lighting, Dual LED Headlight and Taillight, Brake Light

  • Max Load: 330 lbs

  • Scooter Weight: 88 lbs /40kg

  • Product Material: Frame and Handle are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel, and plastic covers


Braking distance shortened by up to

 As compared to Dualtron Ultra, the Dualtron Ultra 2 consists of hydraulic brakes in both the front and rear. This increases the braking power, shortening the braking distance. Because of this, it also requires lesser maintenance as compared to Dualtron Ultra.

Dualtron Ultra uses only mechanical Dual disks, wire tends to loosen over time due to tension, requiring higher maintenance.

water resistant controller

The rear stepping platform consists of a 2-in-1 water resistance controller at the bottom, for better heat management. It also has 5 LED lights for hazards and brakes. Only Dualtron Storm and Dualtron Ultra 2 have this platform that comes with 5 LED lights.

The controller relocated to the foot rest at the back to allow for better heat management, and it is highly water-resistant.

dualtron-ultra-2-rear-platform (1).jpg

11" Off-Road Tyre

The Dualtron Ultra series is Dualtron family’s one and only series that offers off-road tires. Dualtron Ultra 2 comes with 11″ off-road tyres.

Ey3 LCD Throttle

The EY3 LCD throttle not only shows you the speedometer, odometer, voltage meter, and power level, it also allows you to adjust the power, helping you go into power-saving mode if needed

The Dualtron Ultra 2’s control module has been newly designed to make it easier to press and see. It comes with 2 buttons, one for hazard lights, and the other one for eco/turbo mode, while the old Dualtron Ultra had only 2 modules; red and yellow color.


Foldable handle bars

As compared to the Dualtron Ultra, a foldable handlebar allows you to pack the Dualtron Ultra 2 more easily, and makes it more compact, giving you convenience.

LED Lights

Foldable Stem
Motor Hub
Side Deck
Bottom of Deck

Previously, the Dualtron Ultra only has white LED lights, but now, the upgraded Dualtron Ultra 2 has red, green, and blue LED lights for you to choose from and customize. It also now comes with added LED lighting features, providing riders with better safety when riding under poor visibility conditions.

Dualtron-ultra-2 led lights.jpg

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

All 3rd generation Dualtron electric scooters are equipped with the ABS brake function (patent number: 10-2018-0045825).

ABS provides a series of intermittent braking signals to help prevent tire lock, solving the problem of wheels locking up during emergency braking. This effectively stops the electric vehicle from tire skids.