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This electric scooter is intended for off-road use only. 

Please ensure compliance with local regulations.


Introducing the Dualtron City - Swappable Battery, the ultimate electric scooter designed for Canada. With its innovative swappable battery feature, you can enjoy unlimited riding without worrying about charging. This high-performance scooter combines speed, durability, and comfort, making it perfect for urban commuting. Experience the thrill of the Dualtron City and revolutionize your daily rides. Get yours today and embrace the future of electric scooters in Canada!

When it comes to tires, bigger is better with the new Dualtron City Electric Scooter! The Dualtron City features 15-inch tires capable of absorbing impact easier than the traditional 8-11 inch scooter tires. In addition to the larger tires, the City features a swappable battery pack to maximize range and minimize weight. The City comes stock with full hydraulic brakes providing more than ample stopping power. Performance still packs a punch with 4,000 watts of power on a mid-size frame. The power of Dualtron, refined, check out the new Dualtron City! 


Dualtron City. The Queen of a New Generation Of Electric Scooters.

Dualtron is a world wide brand of extremely performant, high quality, extended durability electric scooters. Dualtron is leading the market of premium electric scooters by being constantly creative and by innovating each year, delivering new types of e-scooters to the market. The Dualtron City is a major innovation featuring the usual strong features of Dualtron e-scooters (Speed, Range, Quality of manufacturing) along with gigantic wheels of 15 inches. Thus, the Dualtron City is our most comfortable and safe to ride vehicle ever built. Like every existing Dualtron, the Dualtron City is not only the safest electric scooter out there but also a powerful piece of machinery. We made the City with 4000W of dual motors power, supplied by an LG 60V25Ah battery ! Profile of riders for the City : Riders in search of a premium and powerful electric scooter with en emphasis on security. Indeed, the enormous wheels of the City and it’s ground clearance are an important safety boost for the rider.


Dualtron City, Performance

The Dualtron City is a powerful electric scooter. The City is equipped with two motors on the front and the rear capable of delivering 2000W of max output power each, for a total of 4000W. The two highly performant motors of the City are powered by a 60V25Ah (67.2V max) battery composed of LG M50-LT 21700 cells, amongst the best and highest quality cells on the market. With normal driving conditions (medium speed, 65 kg user, warm temperatures), we expect the e-scooter to be able to achieve a range of 80 km, more with “calm” driving. The lifespan of the LG M50-LT 21700 cells is evaluated to up to four years. Please make sure to keep your scooter in a dry environment to avoid air humidity negative influence on the battery.


Dualtron City, Characteristics

The Dualtron City has many exciting features designed to make the rider’s experience as smooth as possible. First of all, as said previously, we equipped this scooter with hugh 15 inches ultra wide wheels for maximum adherence, security and shocks absorption. Moreover, a high range electric scooter like the Dualtron City needs adequate charging capacities. We equipped the beast with two charging ports capable of plugging to two parallel fast chargers. The battery of the city being removable, the user has the possibility of extracting it from the scooter and charging it conveniently at home without carrying the whole scooter. The City is entirely foldable, including the handlebar for easier storage of the scooter. This model easily fits in most cars trunks once folded.

Dualtron City

SKU: 94
C$3,999.00 Regular Price
C$2,999.00Sale Price
  • Motor 4000W BLDC dual hub motor
    Tire 15” pneumatic
    Battery 60V 25AH LG
    Suspension Front and rear suspension cartridges
    Speed Up to 70 km/h
    Brakes Zoom hydraulic disc brakes
    Lights LED lights and warning lights
    Ground Clearance 13 cm
    Max Range 70-80 km
    Folded Size 76 x 157 x 58 cm
    Scooter Weight 41.2 kg
    Unfolded Size H 132 x L 157 x W 58 cm

    Like all of our scooters, figures given for maximum speed and range are based on calculations under controlled conditions. There are various factors that can affect the speed and range you get from your scooter, which include rider weight, terrain texture and gradient, power mode and heavy acceleration.