The New 72 Volt Dualtron Ultra 2 is an 2021 upgraded version of the best off road electric scooter that started it all.  The Dual 40 Amp smart motor controllers are moved to the kick tail allowing fitment of a massive 35Ah, 72 Volt pack with LG MJ1 cells which gives you up to 138 km of range.  The BLDC dual hub motors increase peak power to nearly 6700 watts making this one of the highest performing electric scooters in the world!


Dualtron Ultra 2 has the same 11 inches off-road type tires as the first Ultra. The tires are very wide, high quality, and ready to take on any type of terrain.

Regarding to the design of the scooter, Minimotors kept a very similar design to the first Ultra while adding some comfort and security elements like:

  • Foldable handle for a more practical storage and transport process of the electric scooter (same handle as the Dualtron Thunder and Storm).
  • Rear stepping platform, very useful during powerful accelerations. Indeed, you are standing on an electric scooter and should push your body forward during acceleration in order to compensate for the backward thrust (very useful in acceleration phases).
  • LED lights on the handlebar and under the deck. Being more visible during the night is a huge improvement and a very welcome safety feature of Dualtron power riders.

Dualtron Ultra II

C$4,999.99 Regular Price
C$4,299.99Sale Price