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This electric scooter is intended for off-road use only. 

Please ensure compliance with local regulations.


The Inmotion RS Casper (Grey) is the newest member of the Inmotion family of electric mobility vehicles. Known for its expertise in the electric unicycle field and for producing high-quality mid-range electric scooters like the S1F and Climber, Inmotion is making a confident move into the high-speed premium e-scooters market with this incredible RS.

Inmotion’s most powerful electric scooter to date, the RS (Racing Sport), is the answer to the most exigent riders…Riders seeking performance, reliability, design, connectivity…Riders that only settle for the best.

The RS is a condensate of everything that characterises Inmotion (cutting edge designs, innovation, quality of manufacturing, smart engineering…) along with extremely high performance. The RS is equipped with two motors delivering a rated power of 2000W each (4200W Max each), a smart BMS installed on a battery composed of high quality cells, 2 powerful Raptor-P controllers…It is the perfect companion of riders seeking adventure, adrenaline or simply a smooth and sleek ride in the city.

But the Inmotion RS isn’t just about technology, speed and performance. It’s also designed with safety and comfort in mind. The built-in safety features include a powerful headlight, turning signals, a hydraulic braking system paired with electric brakes, excellent weight distribution and many other exciting features. As for the comfort, the rider disposes of a sizeable and wide deck, a footrest, a large “T-Cross” handle bar, hydraulic suspensions, an XXL central display…

InMotion RS SuperScooter - Casper (Grey)