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1) Tube brand: Factory authorized or equivalent 

2) Tire not provided. See Scooter Tire under Accessories if needed.

3) Installation service extra. Please expect 1-3 hours or service charge and 3-5 days of waiting time.

4) Non-Standardized tubes are not listed. For EZWheel authorized products, if not listed, please reach out by chat online for inquiry.

5) The size of the tube is NOT the same as the size of the tire. It is usually smaller.


Size chart (Tube size x Tube width) - With compatible factory authorized models

8 x 2 - InMotion A1F, Futether Gun

8.5 x 2 - XiaoMi Pro 2, Kugoo M2 Pro, Speedway Leger Pro, VSETT 8, VSETT 9+

10 x 2-2.25/2.5 - Kaabo Mantis Base/Pro/Pro+/King GT, EZWheel 10 Lite/GT/GT Pro/Thunder, VSETT 10+, Dualtron Victor, Blade X

10 x 2.75 - *Special for Navee N65. Do NOT try for other models.

11 inches - Dualtron Ultra 2

Scooter Inner Tube 8 to 11 Inch


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