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This electric scooter is intended for off-road use only. 

Please ensure compliance with local regulations.


New Technology 


Comes with the brand new central display, for better reading and more informations on your favorite vehicule !


Performance Beast


While the 9+ and 10+ are evolutions on the Zero 10x frame the 11+ evolves the Zero 11’s frame, the twin stem bars give it away. Just like the 11x the 11+ is the top of this line with the most powerful motors and biggest battery of the whole Vsett line.

The 11+ touts dual 2,000 w motors and a 72 volt 35 amp hour battery can get you a practical range of 60 miles. Like its little siblings the 11+ has dual suspension, though this has been upgraded as well with two hydraulics in back and one in the front. The tires are bigger too, going from 10 by 3 in the 10+ to a hefty 11 by 4 in the 11+


Ride Your Way 


To get the most out of your motors use the DDM button to switch from single motor to dual when you want or activate the turbo boost for a quick burst of power.




Safety on any motorized vehicle is a big concern and the 11+ is prepared. Coming with a powerful e-horn by stock, incredibly bright integrated LED headlight, and front & rear turn signals the 11+ is always seen and heard. And for braking, the 11+ uses hydraulic brakes for the front and rear.


C$5,599.00 Regular Price
C$5,199.00Sale Price
  • Speed 105 km/h Max
    Max Range 110 km
    Weight 58 kg / 128 lbs
    Motor Dual 2000W
    Battery 72V 35Ah
    Max Load 150 kg / 330 lbs
    Max Incline 45 degrees
    Suspension Front and Rear Hydraulic
    Brakes Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes
    Tires 11" x 4" Street
    Water Resistance IP54

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