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Enhance your electric scooter experience with the PMT Tires, crafted in Italy for top-notch quality. These competition-grade tires feature a practical urban tread pattern, are 100mm wide, and made from a robust 65 shore A hardness compound. When you switch to these performance tires, you're choosing an upgraded, premium ride.


These tires are not just about performance; they're also versatile. Designed to handle both dry and wet roads with ease, the 100/55 R6.5" B Stradale PMT Tires are ideal for daily commuting and high-speed adventures. The urban tread design helps prevent slipping on wet surfaces, adding a layer of safety for rainy days. With these tires, you can ride confidently in any weather.


But there's more: the PMT technology in these tires improves traction and stability, making your scooter easier to control, especially in turns. Plus, they're known for their longevity, ensuring you get more mileage and value from your purchase.


These tires are compatible with all the 11-inch scooters we offer. This compatibility means you can easily upgrade your current scooter without worrying about fit. Enjoy a smoother, safer ride with the 100/55 R6.5" B Stradale PMT Tires.

100/55 R6.5" B Stradale PMT Tire