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EZWHEEL | High Quality Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters in Montreal, Quebec

EZWHEEL is an approved electric bike and scooter shop in Canada. 100% Canadian owned and operated.



Here at EZWHEEL we bring the very best in electric scooter technology to consumers in Canada! We've partnered with a technology team of professionals that give us an entirely new edge on the latest tech advancements, supply and logistical support so we can ensure low prices without sacrificing the quality of our e-scooters. Providing you with a fun and highly innovative transport tech piece, we invite all our electric scooters enthusiasts to join in our passion for this amazing modern invention!


Our products are built with the high quality standard components in the industry. Therefore, our electric scooters are the most reliable in the market to ensure your safety running smoothly on its wheels, sturdy make and stabilizing sensors.


All our products are certified with CE, FCC, UN38.3, UL, MSDS safty standards.

- 6-month limited warranty

- Products from Canadian warehouse can be only shipped to Canada.

- Certified battery and charger

- Cheap shipping rates all over Canada



Electric scooters are not street legal in most cities in Canada, please understand your local regulations before purchasing. All goods carry a standard warranty offered under Canadian law; the hardware we sell is tested before we receive it. Please note warranty only covers a manufacturing defect, not a fault caused by incorrect use or assembly. Please check your order as soon as you receive it, if there is any concerns please contact us. Also, please keep the warranty and proof of purchase (i.e. receipt, email, etc.)

Limited warranty

1- 6-month defect warranty for all electrical parts.

2- 1-year warranty for motor.
2- Parts and Labors are 100% cover. Shipping back to EZWHEEL and re-ship to the client are on client’s charge.

The warranty will not be covered under the following conditions:

1. Malfunction due to misuse including stunt and competition riding.
2. Malfunction caused by unauthorized modifications, disassembling, or repair.
3. Accidental damage or malfunction due to unsuitable storage.
4. Unmatched warranty/proof of purchase and product
5. All surface and physical damages.
6. Hacking and re-programming.
7. Water damage caused by long rides in the rain or soaking in water
8. Flat tire or tire leaking air.

9. Wear and tear resulting from regular or irregular usage (including gradual degradation of the battery)

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