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Upgrade your electric scooter ride with the E-Fire 10" PMT tires, a pinnacle of Italian tire manufacturing designed for competitive use. These PMT road tires boast an urban tread pattern for optimal grip, measure 65mm or 76mm in width, and outer diameter 250 mm. Fit your scooter with these high-performance tires and enjoy a premium, long-lasting riding experience.


Prioritizing safety without compromising on fun, the E-Fire 10" PMT tires are engineered for maximum traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Constructed with a robust rubber compound, these tires are built to endure heavy use and last long. Plus, their puncture-resistant layer offers extra protection against flats, keeping your rides smooth and uninterrupted.


The innovative PMT (Pneumatic, Microcellular, Polyurethane Tires) technology in these tires ensures a comfortable, smooth ride, while enhancing traction and handling. Not only do they provide a superior ride, but they're also known for their impressive tread life, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. With these PMT tires, you're choosing reliability, performance, and value.

E-Fire 10" PMT Tire

  • Type: 10″ x 2.50 (R6.0) / 10″ x 3 (R6.0)

    Design type: Urban

    Hardness compound: 52 Shore A

    Tire width: 65 mm / 76 mm

    Outer diameter: 250 mm

    Tread Pattern Use: Stradale

    Compound Use: Universal

    Rim width: 35-45 mm

    Pressure: 2.0-2.5 Bar

    Application: Tubeless and inner tube

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