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Unleash the Beast: 3,200W (8KW Peak) High-Torque Motor
Prepare for a thrilling off-road adventure like no other with the all-new Veteran Lynx EUC. This beast is equipped with a formidable 3,200W motor, capable of delivering an astonishing 8KW peak performance. Whether you're tackling rugged trails or conquering the untamed wilderness, the Lynx EUC's high-torque motor is your key to unmatched power and performance.

LeaperKim has outdone themselves with the Lynx EUC, crafting it with a magnesium alloy frame that's both lightweight and exceptionally sturdy. Weighing in at a mere ~40kg/88lb, this off-roading marvel is ready to take on the toughest challenges. And the best part? It boasts an increased motor and tire size, along with an additional 500Wh of battery capacity. You'll have the endurance to explore the wildest landscapes with ease.

Powering your off-road adventures is the high-power Samsung 50S 2,700Wh/151V battery pack. This energy powerhouse features a SmartBMS for intelligent battery management and can rapidly charge at 15A/2,250W. With the Lynx EUC, you can roam freely without worrying about running out of juice.

The Lynx EUC is the first of its kind to wield 36x 200V/140A MOFSETS in its controller. This results in a maximum current peak output of a jaw-dropping 840A, giving you precise control and unwavering power over any terrain.

No matter the roughness of the off-road terrain, the Lynx EUC has you covered with its 90mm of functional suspension travel. The highly customizable Fastace suspension modules offer three different spring weight options (62/66/70lb), allowing you to fine-tune your ride for the ultimate off-road experience.

From challenging dirt paths to urban streets, the Lynx EUC is equipped for it all with its versatile combination of Kenda K262 (knobby) and CST C6501 street tires. These tires provide the traction and stability you need for conquering any terrain with confidence.

Veteran Lynx EUC by LeaperKim is the ultimate off-roading powerhouse, boasting a powerful motor, lightweight yet robust construction, a high-capacity smart battery, unrivaled controller capabilities, customizable suspension, and versatile tires. With the Lynx EUC, your off-road adventures will reach a whole new level of power, control, and exhilaration. Conquer the wild with the Lynx EUC by your side!

LeaperKim Lynx

C$5,699.00 Regular Price
C$5,499.00Sale Price
  • Max Speed ~100 km/h (62 mph)
    Max Range ~160 km (100 miles)
    Free Spin 125 km/h (77 mph)
    Motor Power 3,200W (8KW peak) high-torque motor
    Peak Power 8KW
    Battery 2700 Wh / 151V, High-power Samsung 50S
    Charging Speed 4-6 Hours with 5A charger, 2 Hours with 10A charger
    Dual charge ports Yes
    Construction Material Magnesium Alloy
    Weight ~40 kg (88 lb)
    Number of MOFSETS 36x 200V/140A MOFSETS
    Maximum Current Peak Output 840A
    Suspension 90mm - Fastace with three spring weights options - 62 lb, 66 lb, and 70 lb
    Seat Add-On
    Mudguard Yes
    Kickstand Yes
    Tire 20" x 4"
    Rim Size 14"
    Pedal Honeycomb, 4.7" x 11.8"
    Handle Trolley
    Lift Switch No
    Headlight 2500lm
    Brake Light Yes
    Turn Signals Yes
    App iOS/Android
    Dimensions 23" x 28.5" x 8"

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