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Bafang 1130W (peak) 750W (continuous) 48V 750w high speed brushless motor is light weight. Excellent acceleration performance, up to 52KM/H. Its interior uses a star wheel design, which can amplify the torque and improve the conversion rate of energy efficiency, which is reflected in the reduction of energy consumption and silent energy consumption while increasing the cruising range.

48V20Ah Samsung 21700 power lithium battery

48V20ah power 21700 lithium battery pack, completely hidden in the frame, waterproof and dustproof, double protection, strong output is always stable. Pure electricity can reach 60-70KM, and power-assisted riding can reach 120-150KM, providing sufficient power output for riding and free riding.

Color smart LCD instrument

RV800PLUS equipment intelligent LCD instrument, new interactive interface, liquid crystal display, integrated gear switch, driving data detection, power output setting, clear at a glance, ip64 waterproof and dustproof quality is reliable.
About speed and motor power"

At our factory, we prioritize safety and compliance with a default speed limit of 25KM/h and a 250W power output for our eBikes. We believe in offering a responsible and enjoyable riding experience for all. If you ever desire higher speeds, our eBikes come with built-in guides to help you safely unlock their full potential. Your adventure, your choice - all with the reliability and performance you expect from us."

EZWheel RV800 Plus+

C$2,999.00 Regular Price
C$2,699.00Sale Price
  • Specification

    Battery 48V 20ah(SUMSUNG) lithium battery
    Motor BAFANG 750W(Peak:1130W)
    Range range Pure electric is 60-70 kilometers, power 120-150 kilometers
    Charger 48V Charger
    Maximum speed 45KM/H
    LCD Display YONGLIN color display, setting function: Waterproof rating: IP54