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This electric unicycle is intended for off-road use only. 

Please ensure compliance with local regulations.


KS-S22 (formerly known as KS-S20) is the next evolution of the suspension EUC. King Song has learned a lot following the release of their successful first-generation suspension wheel, the S18, and they have put their newfound knowledge to good use to create the S22. The S22 features an adjustable coil shock that exceeds the performance of the S18’s suspension, but that’s not all that’s new! The S22 combines an industry first system voltage of 126V with a torque-oriented 3300W motor to deliver loads of torque while still allowing the rider to cruise at a speedy 43.5 mph.

The S22 also features an S18-style trolley handle and rear taillight with turn signal functionality built in. Add in a speed and battery display, built in seat, adjustable power pads, adjustable headlights, built in spiked pedals, built in kickstand, and much more, and you get a wheel that can do just about anything one could ask from an EUC, ever! Off-road, on-road, technical riding, fast riding, you name it, the S22 can handle it.

KingSongS22 Pro

SKU: 101
C$4,599.00 Regular Price
C$3,799.00Sale Price
ETA end of March 2024